Campaign Game Turn Rules

Campaign Turns

At the beginning of the campaign each player takes it in turn to roll to see who goes first with their campaign movement. This is then considered the running order for how the players will take their turns within the game campaign. Each turn consists of, Movement, Combat, and Resolution.

Campaign Movement:

Each army is given the option for a standard campaign movement; this is broken down into three sections:

The first being that of Defensive Movement:

This allows the player to move one zone within the game world and then defend that zone. The advantage to this is that the player always, chooses their deployment zone. The player may not move into a hostile zone and defend.

The second being that of Standard Movement:

This allows the army to be moved up to two zones, with this if the zone is a hostile zone they move into on their first zone, if the unit lose then they retreat an extra one zone.

The third being that of Assault Movement:

This allows the army to be moved up to three zones; with this the units travelling not in transports MUST be placed in reserve. So the first turn of combat the player attacking will only have troops in dedicated transports on the field.

Advanced Tactics can be used within this phase, here players who wish to attack a single enemy with two armies may choose to. At this point points are made up of the Primary attack force, and then the secondary attack forces points are added to this. If the points are higher than that of the main forces then the player must only use the Primary force only.

Campaign Combat:

This stage is when the combat of the game is played out. Each player will roll for or be assigned the mission and then choose how and where to deploy as per standard game of Warhammer 40k.

Campaign Resolution:

This stage gives the resolution to events. If players are defeated their armies must return in a straight or straight enough direction to their Hub. If an army is victorious they then acquire
that square. Forces can only occupy squares that are held by a defending army of same or lower point values.

If a force is completely destroyed in this campaign turn the force will then reappear at the Players Hub in the following Campaign Resolution. This can only happen if the player has still control of a Hub or has taken an enemy Hub.

This stage also sees any amendments to the lists and upgrades to character and units.

Campaign Game Turn Rules

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